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nietAKT (indiscretion) is an photography exhibition. It is an intimate presentation of nudity, portrayed in a tactful and discrete manner. Personal photographic study of female figure. First showing had place in CK Zamek in Poznań, Poland in May 2015.

 Contains 15 photos of 11 models.


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Nudity is omnipresent these days.
Also it is often too aggresive.

Sexual allusions have taken permanent place
in everyday souroundings.

Media very often puts naked female torso
in the same category as pornography.

On the one hand it is no wonder, in times when so many
people try to sell you something by placing nudity
in their ads.

On the other hand, an attempt to show people natural beauty in a way that goes beyond the boundries and rules accepted unanimously by media ussualy ends up with resistance.

Who sets the boundaries of good taste?

Author is trying to separate nudity from
the obviously related to it sexuality.

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